I am Eftal, a physicist.

I am Eftal Gezer, BSc, a physicist and a student of Gebze Technical University's Department of Physics. I have been interested in research since my first year of undergraduate studies, with a principle that undergraduate studies cannot be limited to just coursework. My research interests include statistical SETI, ultraviolet radiation, Archean Earth conditions, fullerene astrobiology, and nanotribology. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary effort and my research interests include astrobiology, SETI, quantum information, optics, particle physics, history and philosophy of science.

Since my first year of undergraduate, I have been seeking answers to fundamental questions about whether we are alone in the universe and how life originated. I have been specifically interested in the role of ultraviolet radiation in the origin of life, the possibilities of finding life and extraterrestrial intelligence beyond Earth, the biosignatures and signatures of extraterrestrial life, the collapse of extraterrestrial civilizations, and the explanation of the Fermi paradox. I am also interested in understanding the mechanisms of non-carbon based life.

I relish to widen and deepen my knowledge of scientific problems to suffice and exhibit the whole basis of the problems and doing these bear upon interdisciplinary effort. I believe that undergraduate studies cannot be straitened inside courses and I continue to pursue answers to these fundamental questions in my research.